श्री रामहरि शर्मा काफ्ले


नेपाल बार एशोसिएशन

Date of Birth:            5th Jan 1962     A.D. (     22 Poush 2018       B.S.)

Permanent Address:        Jorpati, Gokarneshwor -5 Kathmandu

Contact Address:            Jorpati, Gokarneshwor -5 Kathmandu


शैक्षिक योग्यता:

वि ए त्रिभुवन विश्वविद्यालय, नेपाल , नेपाल   – २०४२ वि.सम्बत

M.A from Tribhuvan University, Nepal   -2045 B.S

Post Graduate in Human Resource Development from U.S.C., Los-Angeles USA – (1992 A.D. to 1993 A.D)


Work Experience:

  1. Entry into Service – Government of Nepal (2044/04/01) as Section Officer
    • In Ministry of General AdministrationUp to 2052 B.S.


  1. Ministry of Local Development as a Local Development Officer in Sirha, Pyuthan, Saptari, Udayapur, Sindhuli, Morang, Kavrepalanchwok, Panchthar (2053 B.S. to 2062 B.S.)


  1. Joint Secretary Level Assignment (2066/02/27 to 2074/7/20)
  • DG of Department of Commerce
  • Ministry of Industry
  • Election commission of Nepal
  • Chief District Officer of Sirha, Bhaktapur, Saptari
  • S. of Ministry of Home Affairs
  • Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority
  • DG of Department of Civil Registration


  1. Secretary Special Class (2074/08/20), Tile date
  • Regional Administration, Surkhet
  • Secretary, Ministry of Supplies
  • Secretary, National Women Commission




Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Strategic Planning prepared for Nepal Oil Corporation
  2. Training For Deputy Mayor at Kathmandu Valley regarding market monitoring
  3. Rehab and Emergency service to the people at Bhaktapur during earthquake 2072
  4. Conducted C-A-Election of 2070 in Sirha and Supervised local Election of monag 2074
  5. Establish MIS System for S.S at Department of Civil Registration


Specific Training:

  1. Senior Executive Development Training – NASC, 2069
  2. Investigation of corruption case by CIAA-2072
  3. Attended Seminars and workshops on various Development and Governance Issues in Nepal and other Countries


Language: – English, Nepali, Maithili, Hindi